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Why Professional Is Needed for Residential Cleaning

Although the summer sun may call, your name, one of the downsides is the bugs and dirt that come in just as often. As the season continues, you will notice stains on your walls by your children or by the flies or moths on their own, only to swat them and wind them up with bug residues on what used to be a perfectly white surface.

As lovely as summer could be, your summer can be even better if you are given some instructions on how to deal with bugs and soil on your sides.

If you are confident that you use homemade or commercial products to clean your home, you are welcome to follow these statements below. However, as we get lots of calls from the DIY cleaning ideas to manage the issue, we suggest you be extra cautious or hire house cleaning services.

Bug Stain and Dirt on the Walls

To clarify, we talk about the phenomenon of a mosquito, fly or moth, an animal spotting on the wall, squashing it with a hand or a tissue and finally getting a small, dark mark on your wall. We are not talking, however, about bedbugs, which alone are a separate problem.

Baby Wipes: A good way to clean broken bugs from the walls is to use baby wipes, especially if they are not smashed too long. Just remove from the package a fresh wipe and wipe off the stain. You may need to use a bit more pressure to remove the stain if the smashed bug has been there a while.

Washcloth: You can also use a washcloth and degrade a bit of the detergent to perform the same kind of task, like using a baby wiping. If you do this, however, be sure that the washcloth is not too wet or that you can damage it. Wash with small circular motions on the smashed bug and remove the stain without any problem.

Baking Soda: Use water and baking soda to make a paste. Sprinkle the paste over the bug and allow it to dry. Wipe the cleaning paste away with a moist sponge or washcloth. There should be no problem lifting the remaining bug. You may, however, need to repeat the process several times for older bug stains.

  • You can fill a bucket with clean, warm water and ammonia, white vinegar and baking soda for the cleaning solution. This is more effective, but you need to be careful about the contents and their quantity. Take help from your professional residential cleaning service provider if needed.

Vinegar: To create a very effective cleaning solution, mix a little vinegar with some water. You only want the bottom 1/4 of the bottle to be filled with vinegar in this solution (which you mixed with a spray bottle). Fill up water for the rest of the bottle, spray on a sponge or a cleaning solution, and wipe off the remains of the bug.

  • Vinegar is an excellent component for cleaning purposes, but it is not suitable for all materials. It can create a problem for your tiles and marbles. If you ask your residential cleaning professional to use these products instead of commercial products, they will at least know which product is fitted for which material and possible damage can be prevented.

Magic Eraser: One of the most effective cleaning aids created in recent years is the magic eraser type. You just have to wet the sponge-like material in this case, wring it out, and then scrub it off. Use the lowest possible pressure to avoid damage to the wall.

  • However, as magic erasers are known to remove paint when pressed hard, you need to be aware of your use. Your house cleaning services can help clean it without these worries.

Next comes material awareness. Both household and commercial materials have advantages and disadvantages, and it is not possible for you to know the disadvantages in detail.

Household Materials: The preparation of your solutions requires more effort than purchasing a product in the shop. Failure to understand chemistry reactions can cause a catastrophe. For example, porcelain is thoroughly purified, but the marble is destroyed by vinegar.

Commercial Material: While commercial cleaning products contain some basic ingredients, for example, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, they also contain ingredients you’ve never heard about in homemade solutions. These products may contain chemicals and acids emitting toxic fumes, and there are uncertain environmental and product safety consequences. You can buy ‘organic’ or natural products for cleaning, although some of them probably contain hidden dubious chemicals. If you hire house cleaning services and let them clean your walls and the entire house, you don’t have to keep all these in mind for precaution and put so much effort into it. We are Fullworks Cleaners, and we have clients who failed to try these DIY methods and ended up with something worse. We suggest that you do not take such steps that may put you in grave trouble.

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