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    We give the best Services

    Fullworks Cleaners pride ourselves on offering the best steam carpet cleaning in Perth, we have the most up to date carpet steam machine. We are trusted all across Perth. Our mission is to help our clients to enjoy ultimate convenience and peace of mind. Fullworks Cleaners deliver high quality and consistent services.

    Carpet cleaning is not something you should take lightly. Any incorrect procedures indicative of an untrained and unqualified cleaner can lead to extreme problems that can be extremely costly to rectify in the long term. Some of these problems are:

    • Rapid re-soiling,
    • Carpets that look worse after cleaning than before,
    • Irreversible damage to your carpet’s integrity or, at worst
    • Danger to your health!

    Fullworks Cleaner’s members have all had training and are required to have undertaken formal (approved) training and as such have had to prove their integrity by written, oral and practical examination, as well as to committing themselves to ongoing training and refresher courses to ensure they can keep up to date.

    Service Overview

    A neatly maintained building is an important asset to every house and organization. It reflects who you are.

    How we Clean Carpet!

    ► Pre-Inspect your carpets before commencing
    ► Advise you of reasonable expectations
    ► Discuss any problems they may discover,
    ► Advise you on what methods they intend to use,
    ► Always seek to satisfy your expectations,
    ► Always ensure the highest standards of safety, environmental outcomes and carpet hygiene

    Service Quality

    You can rest assured that you will receive the service you were looking for when you decided upon a Fullwork’s member. Should an occasion arise where you don’t feel you have received the expected level of service, one phone call to the Association is all it will take for the technician concerned, should they wish to retain their right to membership, to rectify any problem arising from their attendance; this is OUR guarantee to YOU.

    What is Hot Water Extraction (HWE) Method in Carpet Cleaning

    Though commonly called “Carpet Steam Cleaning”, no actual steam is involved in the HWE cleaning process, apart from steam that may escape incidentally from hot water. When the cleaning solution comes in contact with the carpet/rug, it is anywhere between 50-120 degrees Celsius, according to the heat available from the cleaning unit. For instance, in a modern truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine, water can be heated under pressure to 150+ degrees Celsius, but after passing through high pressure steel braided hose and several manifolds, the water loses much of its heat.

    The typical cleaning method involves a preconditioning of the soiled surface with an alkaline (7 or above on the pH Scale) agent, followed by light agitation with a grooming brush and appropriate dwell time. Next, the surface is passed over several times with a cleaning tool (either manual or automatic) to thoroughly rinse out the pre-spray and, using an acetic acid solution, lower the pH of the fibers to a neutral state. Finally, the surface is dried sufficiently to avoid any possibility of saturation.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning

    We have the knowledge, training and expertise to give you the best, affordable, professional carpet cleaning services in Perth you have ever seen. Simply book with Fullwork’s Carpet Cleaning Perth and experience the difference.

    Fullworks Cleaners carpet cleaning Perth process uses steam cleaning to clean your carpets and consists of 4 steps.

    • First we use our industrial vacuum to deep-vacuum the carpet.
    • All stains on the carpet are evaluated with our professional carpet cleaning experience and removed where possible.
    • All carpeted areas are then deodorized to ensure a gentle fresh smell.
    • We then steam clean all the carpeted areas including behind the doors, in the cupboards and under the beds .

    The carpet is cleaned with our professional steam cleaning, no dangerous or harmful chemicals remain after the cleaning process. This ensures that your family, pets and friends won’t have any allergic and asthmatic reactions. 

    This method of professional carpet cleaning is safe on all types of carpet and provides you with the best results in the industry, that’s Fullwork’s guarantee to you.

    Methods of payment are cash, cheque or net banking. (net banking is done on the spot)

    Professional carpet cleaning Perth prices may vary depending on carpet condition.

    Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is a revolutionary cleaning technique which not only provides some of the best results in the industry, but is done in a way which is extremely effective and safe for your family, pets and friends. Fullworks makes use of natural steam to clean carpets without the need for toxic chemicals. Our carpet steam cleaning service in Perth can restore your carpets to their “former glory”, removing stains, rejuvenating them and doing so in a safe fashion.

    Green and Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

    Clean carpets are very important, not only for looks but also for your health. Many people don’t realise that dust, dirt and harmful bacteria and dust mites can build up in carpet, even with regular vacuuming. Without professional carpet steam cleaning, these things can build up and damage your health. Studies have shown that dirty carpets can agitate breathing problems such as asthma, hay-fever and even sinus problems!

    So don’t risk your families health, book now and have your carpets professionally steam cleaned and treated with our natural steam cleaning technology. No longer do you have to worry about dangerous chemicals or the safety of your carpets, as steam cleaning uses no harmful chemicals and is safe to use on all carpets and fabrics.

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      Have you got Any Questions?

      Yes. We offer preferential prices for landlords and property investors, who own multiple properties. Please, get in touch with a member of our customer service team and you will be provided with a customised solution.
      The terms are interchangeable. The service is designed for tenants. It provides them with the guarantee that their security bond will be retrieved in full. Additionally, the lease cleaning service is suitable for a number of different and already mentioned above circumstances.
      The service is booked by customers, who have an upcoming live-in rental inspection. It ensures that the property is in a clean and presentable state upon their landlord’s arrival to check the premises. The only difference is that the rent inspection cleanup is not bound by a bond retrieval.
      Additional tasks, such as cleaning the range hood, the dishwasher and other white goods can be incorporated in the service at extra cost.
      Unfortunately, we are unable to clean the inside of your refrigerator if it is not defrosted prior to the service. Additional fees may apply.
      Of course. The service is not limited in time. You will be supplied with a personalized quotation, based on the workload. So the cleaning of any additional areas (game rooms, attics, basements, conservatories, studies) will be included in the final price.
      All the cleaners undergo pre-employment screening and are subjected to two interviews prior to joining our team
      No. As long as you arrange a convenient means for the cleaning team to access the premises. Still, we would advise you to keep in mind that the bond cleaning is bound by a 72-hour guarantee. Hence, please, ensure to inspect the property within this time period, should you need us to rectify any service related issues.

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