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    Specialist disinfection services with a CERTIFIED viricidal product

    Please consider that to prevent the spread of infection and dangerous diseases, this service is carried out by technicians who do not exhibit any symptoms and have not traveled outside of Australia in recent months. They also have protective gear to ensure your safety.

    Also, coronavirus disinfection is a service that has 99,99% to remove germs from all surfaces. But have in mind that it can’t protect the disease from spreading if you have sick people in-home or office.

    Now you can book professional antiviral sanitization/house sanitizing services for your property to reduce the risks of viral infection, such as COVID-19 / Coronavirus through surface disinfection.

    We will send a fully equipped cleaner or team of cleaners to your home or workplace who will treat the risky areas and ensure they are free of dangerous germs. We use independently CERTIFIED detergents in order to eliminate bacteria and pathogens.

    So when it’s time for your service, please make sure that your cleaner will have full access to the areas and surfaces that need to be treated.

    We are able to treat and disinfect:

    • Walls
    • Hard floors
    • High touch areas
    • Tables
    • Desks
    • Furniture
    • Carpeting

    The perks of the treatment are…

    It is perfectly safe for children and pets; The virucidal products used are non-toxic; It leaves a pleasant floral smell and sense of cleanliness; It takes eliminates germs immediately; Coronavirus disinfection services to protect your home.

    Quality We Ensure

    We keep your offices and home sparkling clean. Our green product will kill 99% of the surfaces’ germ. We use safe hospital-grade disinfectants, HEPA filtration and microfiber cleaning cloths.

    Experienced Workers

    Our reliable and stable crews understand your specific cleaning service needs. Our cleaners are insured and bonded so no need to worry about your apartment.

    Sanitising and cleaning for homes and businesses

    Our helpful services are available for both domestic and commercial properties. And now you can easily make a booking for your place. Especially, if your place has been visited by people who:

    1. Show symptoms of being sick
    2. Have traveled outside of Australia
    3. Have been in contact with sick people
    4. Have a high-risk occupation

    Our treatment is effective against germs, fungi, viruses, mold, and bacteria. The virucides used takes immediate effect and eliminate the microorganisms. We are able to disinfect highly touched surfaces.

    If you would like to make your place even cleaner, you take advantage of our One-Off Deep Cleaning service as well.

    Car sanitization and disinfection services

    As you may know, the Coronavirus can survive on surfaces from a few hours to several days, which makes it even more infectious.

    Your car is something you use on a regular basis if you are still not entirely home isolated. And while you are in the store or at work, even if you clean your hands regularly, you can get some germs on your hands. These germs can get on the car handles, steering wheel, gear knob, or seat belt.

    Even if you are wearing gloves the germs will still be on those places.

    So we decided to help you out with a car sanitization service. We offer it in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. The whole interior is being sprayed – dashboard, seats, mats, all the small details. We also spray the exteriors – locks, handles, trunk. And in the end, we wipe the soft surfaces with disposable wipes as an extra safety measure.

    Your car is safer now, disinfected and germ-free.

    Have you got Any Questions?

    Yes. We offer preferential prices for landlords and property investors, who own multiple properties. Please, get in touch with a member of our customer service team and you will be provided with a customised solution.
    The terms are interchangeable. The service is designed for tenants. It provides them with the guarantee that their security bond will be retrieved in full. Additionally, the lease cleaning service is suitable for a number of different and already mentioned above circumstances.
    The service is booked by customers, who have an upcoming live-in rental inspection. It ensures that the property is in a clean and presentable state upon their landlord’s arrival to check the premises. The only difference is that the rent inspection cleanup is not bound by a bond retrieval.
    Additional tasks, such as cleaning the range hood, the dishwasher and other white goods can be incorporated in the service at extra cost.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to clean the inside of your refrigerator if it is not defrosted prior to the service. Additional fees may apply.
    Of course. The service is not limited in time. You will be supplied with a personalized quotation, based on the workload. So the cleaning of any additional areas (game rooms, attics, basements, conservatories, studies) will be included in the final price.
    All the cleaners undergo pre-employment screening and are subjected to two interviews prior to joining our team
    No. As long as you arrange a convenient means for the cleaning team to access the premises. Still, we would advise you to keep in mind that the bond cleaning is bound by a 72-hour guarantee. Hence, please, ensure to inspect the property within this time period, should you need us to rectify any service related issues.

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