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Vacate Cleaning Perth

We provide Services all over across Perth and the nearest Suburbs.

We Will Make Your Place Spotless

Fullworks Cleaners operates in Perth and provides a variety of cleaning services. Vacate Cleaning is one of our main service provided to our customer. Choose us because of our reputation for excellence. We provide professional cleaning services designed to keep your home sparkling and beautiful so that you can focus on things that matter more to you.

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What is included in our standard Vacate Cleaning

General / All Rooms

  • Air conditioner – clean filters and vents (where accessible)
  • Carpets – vacuumed
  • Ceiling fans – dust and wipe
  • Cobwebs – remove (where accessible)
  • Cupboards – vacuum and wipe shelves & face panels
  • Doors – dust and wipe clean
  • Power sockets and light switches – dust and wipe clean
  • Floors – sweep and mop all non –carpeted floors
  • Light fittings – dust and wipe clean
  • Skirting boards including architraves – dust and wipe clean
  • Walls – remove any light marks with light sponging (spot cleaning)
  • Windows – clean glass inside and out (where accessible) dust and clean sills
  • Window tracks – cleaned
  • Fly screens – lightly brush off with soft brush
  • Mirrors (excluding full wardrobe mirrors) .
  • Blinds – LIGHT DUSTING only – blinds with heavier dust / dirt will require washing – not included


  • Drawers and cupboards – vacuum and wipe clean
  • Exhaust fan – dismantle (if possible) and degrease
  • Sink – clean and remove any soap residue
  • Stove – clean burners, grill, drip trays, inside oven, range hood, general body of stove
  • Taps – clean and polish
  • Bench tops cleaned


  • Shower/bath/tiling – clean wall tiles, screen, shower recess and bath tub
  • Drawers and cabinets – vacuum and wipe clean
  • Sink – clean and remove any stains or soap residue
  • Taps – clean and polish
  • Toilet – clean thoroughly inside and out
  • Mirror cleaned


  • Drawers and cabinets – vacuum and wipe clean
  • Sinks/basin – clean and remove any stains, soap residue
  • Taps – clean and polish

What is not included in our standard Vacate Cleaning

General / All Rooms

  • Mold – We will try our best to remove the mold, but sometime it can growing into the silicon or grout.
  • Damp Spot – We will try our best to remove any mold and dirt on the Damp spot, because it was caused by the moisture, it will come back quickly
  • Ceiling – We don’t clean your ceiling, a lot of the ceiling paint will change colour if we start cleaning them. 
  • Discolouration – discoloration happens with normal wear and tear. Often grout, toilets bowl and plastics can discolor (often into a yellow colour – caused by hard water) over time and they can’t be returned to their original colour without specialist intervention.
  • Tile and Bench top stain – We do our best to remove stains but due to the differences of the tiles or benchtops (some being extremely porous) it is not possible to remove stains without specialist intervention.
  • Height – Our Cleaners will only clean up to 2 meter height.


  • Drawers and cupboards – We will not clean the inside of the cupboard if it is full of stuff.
  • Exhaust fan – we will not clean them if we can’t remove them. A lot of case is it stuck to the  whole due to the excess of grease, and was not clean over a long period of time.
  • Sink – we will try to polish the sink, but a lot of scratches might not be able to remove.
  • Stove – a lot of the burner are oxidize an change colour, we can only try to remove the grease and dirt.
  • Bench top discolour by spices– Turmeric is one of the spices that hard to remove. 


  • Hard water stain – We will try our best, but not all the hard water stain can be fully removed. This can happen in the bathtub (a ring form), shower and Toilet bowl (a ring form and calcified mineral will stick to the bowl)
Bond Cleaning Perth

Easy Payments

Easy payments using Cash or credit card / Debit Card

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Pet Friendly

We use pet friendly cleaners as your pet is a valued member of your family.

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Always on Time

Your time is important to us. We provide always on time cleaning service.

Vacate Cleaning Perth

Vacate Cleaning Perth

We Care About Your House

Founded in 2009 Fullworks Cleaners quickly built a reputation as one of the leading providers of residential and commercial bond cleaning solutions. Our continuous pursuit for perfection has resulted in consistent growth each year. Our focus is to listen to our clients.

Vacate Cleaning Perth

Vacate Cleaning Perth

Vacate Cleaning Perth

Vacate Cleaning Perth

Why Choose Us

Our continuous pursuit for perfection has resulted in consistent growth each year. Our focus is to really listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of residential and commercial bond cleaning or maid service that makes them relax with the confidence that the job will be done well. Our end of lease cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized.

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We Care About You House

We care about your house cleaning and we’re not satisfied if you’re not satisfied with the cleaning service.

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We Help in Moving

Are you moving out or moving in a new house? Let us help you clean and take care of your property.

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Ironing and Cooking

Our Maids can perform chores such as cooking, ironing, grocery shopping or walking the family dog.

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Industrial Cleaning

Fullworks Cleaners offers a verity of industrial cleaning and maintenance services.

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Our Mission

Offer a different kind of services to families and professionals

Deliver high quality and consistent cleaning services

Use environmental friendly cleaning products

Provide stable jobs with reasonable wages

Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards

Make you an extremely satisfied customer