How often should you call for a House Cleaning Service?

You are not alone if you’ve avoided giving your house a thorough cleaning. For most of us, it makes us want to crawl under the bed to think about steaming our carpet or cleaning the refrigerator. We, Home Maid Better have got expert advice on how often you clean everything and, more importantly, why. Consider these as extra motivation to put rubber gloves on.

The employment of a professional home cleaning service offers you, your home and your family a variety of benefits. One of these benefits is that the cleaner provides their services as often as possible.

Depending on the factors below, you can make your cleaning schedule with our house cleaning services.

Schedule You Maintain: Think how busy you are and how long you can spend cleaning, to see the frequency of cleaning.

Area of Your Home: Larger homes take more time in cleaning. People think it helpful to hire an apartment cleaning service in OKC. During visits, they can help to keep the mess away and clean various sections of the house.

Budget: Figure out what you can spend on the services before you call so that you can select your budget schedule.

Read on to see how often your house should be cleaned. It’s often more than once a year.


Microwave: Research indicates that bacteria spoil microwave food. That said, it is crucial to keep your microwave clean. It should be wiped down once a week and cleaned twice a month.

Bathtub: The responsible bacteria for grave skin infection, is 26% from the bathtub compared to only 6% of the garbage can. Officially, therefore, your bathroom is nastier than the trash.

Computer: A massive 70% of Americans have lunch in front of computers, making computer keyboards a bacterial breeding ground. One study found that keyboard bacteria are often found in a toilet, but 10% never clean them.


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Bed Linen: Research has shown that you have exposure to dust mites in the bed as much as in other places. Therefore, cleaning once a week is imperative.


Refrigerator: Scientists say that salad drawers contain a bacteria content 750 times than any other place, making them a major cleaning place regularly. Do not expect a reminder of spring cleaning; your home deserves to receive monthly attention.


House Cleaning Perth

Pillowcase: Pillowcases should be washed with sheets but a pillow cover can help to protect your pillow against dust mites and grime every day, but the cleaning every two three months is a must for keeping the pillow cover clean.

Mattress: You could wash your linen regularly, but what about your mattress? Every two three months, mattress pads must be washed to kill bacteria.


Carpet: As cleaning of the carpet, vacuuming does not count. Research indicates that it could harm your health if you do not steam your floors regularly. Another study shows that up to 200 000 bacteria per inch can be there on your carpet.

Contact Fullworks Cleaners for further information on how often you should use professional house cleaning services. We offer a wide range of cleaning services for your home and budget.

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