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Cleaning your Office

We strongly recommend hire professional office cleaning company to do the regular cleaning for your office. The are many reason for this, i have listed a few to start with for your consideration.

  1. Filthy office environment
    • A typical workplace desk is house to greater than 10 million bacteria, 400 times greater than a rest room / toilet seat. Different research have revealed we don’t wash our hands, and surfaces from faucets to elevator buttons are “officially dirty“.
    • A clear office has additionally been proven to cut back sick days and enhance productiveness.
    • We go to work when we are sick, and this costs the Australian financial system about $34.1 billion annually by losing productivity.
    • The price of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion a yr.
  2. Clutter office environment
    • Research show that we have been keeping unwanted paper throughout the office
    • Organization expert Peter Walsh suggests that every professional first ask themselves, What do I want from my office space, and is it meeting my needs? After establishing how you want and need to use the space, set up zones for your daily functions. You may require a workspace for your computer, a library area for your research, a storage area for supplies and a filing area for your archives. This will provide a foundation for a more efficient use of space.
    • “The only stuff in the radius of your arms should be the stuff you need immediately,” says Walsh. Boxes of pens, stacks of papers and old coffee cups need to go. Instead, rid your desk of visual clutter by paring down the items on top to the essentials only. For most, that means a monitor and keyboard, telephone, two pens, one notebook, a lamp and one family photograph in your most-used workspace. Supplies, paperwork and personal items should be kept in the zones you’ve established for them.
  3. The impact of a messy workplace
    • One study of 43,021 respondents from 351 office buildings found that cleanliness was correlated with employee satisfaction. In two laboratory and field experiments, offices that were seen to be in proper order and had a pleasing appearance had positive outcomes for trust in the organization and for learning.
    • On top of all this you have the health impacts of unhygienic workspace. Viruses can survive for hours or even months on surfaces like phones and computer equipment.
    • In another study on the effects of a controlled increase in cleaning quality, researchers found that a cleaner office resulted in a 12.5 per cent decrease in sick days and reported increases in productivity.

What can we do about this?

  1. Schedule clean-up days
    • Engage an Office Cleaning Company to come in regularly to do the clean up, removing all rubbish in the bin, clean up the toilet and bathroom, clean up the kitchen and also the work desk, finally, vacuum all floors and mop the hard floor.
  2. Keep cleaning supplies handy
    • If you stock the supply room with cleaning supplies, they’ll be available when people need them. Seeing the supplies can also remind people to tidy up. “Our kitchen has visible cleansing wipes, paper towels and large trash bins for recycle and regular trash. Our bathrooms are also equipped with cleaning supplies and a plunger for immediate cleaning needs,” White says.

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