Best pro tips for carpet cleaning

Here are four of my all-time favorite carpet cleaning tricks!

Cleaning Trick #1: Prevention is the best tricks

Control the dirt into your home.

Prevention starts with outside areas where most of the dirt comes from.

Keeping the outside areas close to the home clean minimizes the amount of dirt which comes inside. It is good to keep a rug or mat at the entrance, so that you can clean your shoe or feet before entering your home. High-pressure cleaning of outside paving or concrete spaces also helps to reduce the number of dirt from being tracked onto the carpeted areas inside the house.

Entrance mat or rug.

Having mats or rugs in places keeps your carpets looking good for longer and can act to keep the maintenance of your carpets to a minimum which can save you money.

You should have mats or rugs at the different entrance to your home, entrance to garage, main door, sliding door in the laundry, sliding door to your patio / back yard. This will minimize the dirt being brought into your home.

Cleaning Trick #2:  Vacuuming

There are a number of reasons for vacuuming.

First, making your place look good and cleaner than before.

Second, you are increasing the your carpet life span because the particles left in it can be abrasive and cause additional damage and wear and tear to the fibers of the carpet.

Third, health reasons – taking particles out of the carpet that ultimately caused you and your pets health.

Choose a good vacuum, many good vacuum comes with pet tools, which will sucking up all the pet hair and also give the carpet a brush. With brushing, it will help the vacuum to suck up the particle underneath.

Cleaning Trick #3:  Spot Cleaning on the fresh stains

Always act fast when there is a fresh stain, that will be the best time to clean it off. A lot of the stain will not be able to remove once it stay there long enough to change the colour of the carpet. Drinks with colour like purple and red are quite hard to remove. If you clean it  once it gets there, you will be most likely able to remove them. Use hot water and dry rag to remove as much stain as possible, then use carpet spot cleaner to remove the rest after that.

Cleaning Trick #4:  Hire the professional carpet cleaner

if you cant remove the stain, don’t panic. Call a carpet cleaner. We do normally can move quite fast, or even give you some tips in how to deal with the stain. It is always good to have a good carpet cleaning company that you trust, and schedule the carpet clean every 6 monthly.

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