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Vacate Cleaning - company history

Where did The Full Works Cleaners come from? What is the history behind the company? Why did we choose vacate cleaning?

The Full Works Cleaners was started in 2007 by a friend. She built the company into a stable company with a small loyal customer base and high quality employees. The company's main focus was on vacate cleaning.

We took over The Full Works Cleaners in January 2010, as the owner was suffering from long term illness. I had long been talking to her about being part of the business so when the opportunity came up to purchase it, i jumped at it!

I spent a good few months working in the company, learning the vacate cleaning ropes, before the reigns were handed over, so that i was familiar with the processes, the clients and the service expectations. It also gave me the opportunity to look at the improvement that could be made and give me an idea of the direction i would take building the company.

With the company under my wing it is now time to push the company further so we can offer you, the customer, more services, larger coverage and more flexibility but with a solid focus on the niche vacate cleaning service. Our aim is to become the ultimate one call solution to property cleaning /maintenance and the provide the very best vacate cleaning service in Perth!.

If you have any queries at all, then don't hesitate to contact us!


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